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Michigan State University

BA, Communications

1984 – 1988

Activities and Societies: Theta Chi

CEO / Entrepreneur

Michael A. DiManno

Accuire LLC, Samuel Hale LLC, LA Labor Exchange and

The United Brokers Insurance Agency, Inc. – CEO

Michael DiManno is a staffing and insurance industry executive whose 25-year career has encompassed consulting, financing, funding, and leading several fast growth insurance and staffing companies from the startup phase all the way through acquisition or sale.

In 1992, Michael was the CEO and co-founder of DiManno/Hansen Insurance & Investment Services. Starting with only $15,000 of capital, his team originated over 700 commercial accounts before selling it in less than 6 years to Acordia- Wells Fargo 1998. He led other high growth insurance companies such as Intercare Insurance, a $50 million holding company. As President, he oversaw their worker’s compensation TPA, managed care enterprise, and VIIA, their wholesale and retail brokerage. Mike currently serves as CEO of Samuel Hale, The United Broker’s Insurance Agency, Inc. (TUB), and the LA Labor Exchange.

Throughout his insurance career, Mr. DiManno gained extensive experience providing unique and effective solutions for the insurance and staffing industries. As a serial entrepreneur, Michael has also co-founded commercial developments, restaurants, a private investigation company, and an organic soap company as well as startups like Flash Seats, an electronic ticketing company with patented technology in the sports and entertainment world. His consulting assignments include companies like Sherries Berries, multiple staffing companies, and insurance giant Keenan & Associates.

Michael spent 5 years in the Sacramento Chapter of YEO, Young Entrepreneurs Organization, where he expanded his knowledge and connection into the world of startups and fast growth companies.

He has significant experience as a seed capital investor and board member for multiple technology startups. Mr. DiManno was also chosen as one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the Sacramento Journal’s 40 under 40.

Michael grew up in Livonia Michigan and graduated from Michigan State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications in 1988. He currently lives in El Dorado Hills, California with his wife Debbie. They have four children ages 27, 25, 19, and 15.


I have had the pleasure of knowing Mike DiManno for close to 10 years and working for him the last 5.  Mike has given me the opportunity over the past 5 years to do things differently…think even more outside the box than most people would think possible.  The last 5 years have been revitalizing for me!  The ability to renew my love for this business by reinventing the business and challenging the industry norms.  I can truly say that I have learned a lot from Mike and look forward to every day as I know new challenges will be coming our way, but we will have the ability and support to come up with unique and inventive solutions.

Brad B.

It is a true privilege to work with Mike DiManno, an inspiring leader who just oozes creativity, energy, and leadership.  Not a day goes by that I am not inspired to approach my duties afresh due to Mike’s never-ending positivity and ingenuity.  Mike recently founded a business that provides business solutions that reduce exposure to unnecessary litigation, fraudulent claims, and the stress of dealing with unexpected losses.  This business clearly demonstrates Mike’s personal commitment to be of service to others.  Mike’s personal Mission and Vision are based on strong values and a belief that being a positive influence in business is not only possible, but it is the right way to show up in the world.

Linda G.

During my 40 years of experience in the Insurance Industry, I can honestly say that I have been exposed to only a hand full of innovative, creative and benevolent minded professionals. Mike DiManno is definitely one of those unique and exciting personalities, who is well versed in business operations, and who is an astute insurance consultant. He thinks “outside the box” and finds real, practical and effective means by which to correct deficiencies or shortcomings in the “traditional system” and has and continues to help business owners improve their experience and overall business operations. Through well-though out insurance coverages, and practical application of services and unique, products Mike finds a way to help others better their current situation and solve their insurance related dilemmas.

George H.

Michael DiManno is a great teacher, mentor and a visionary.  I have worked in the insurance industry for over 26 years, and I find that his knowledge of the Worker’s Comp/staffing industry is unparalleled.  He tasks his employees with jobs and allows them the space in which to complete the task.  He allows his employees to be independent thinkers and welcomes their input.  I have been working for Mike for about eight months now, and every day I continue to learn something new and exciting about the world of Workers’ Comp and the staffing industry.

Scott R.

Mike is a true innovator, a creative thinker, the guy who puts the pieces of the puzzle together and sets them in motion before most of us have digested the concept. He’s constantly searching for ways to take our companies to another level. More importantly, Mike aligns his business objectives with his personal convictions; keeping the human aspects of compassion and impartiality at the core of all his business endeavors. Rubbing shoulders with someone of his character is a rare and worthwhile experience!

Angela M.
Executive Portfolio
Michael A. DiManno

Samuel Hale

December 2015 – Present – Sacramento, California Area

We work with companies who have challenges with the high cost of employment, especially due to the high expense of employee benefits and workers’ compensation insurance with premiums that are often escalating out of control leaving a growing sense of helplessness and anger.

We offer clients a new and very effective way of lowering total employment costs. By working with Samuel Hale, you can focus on your business, products and services, and on increased profitability – not employee cost management.

CEO & Founder

V-Force Staffing Solutions

2011 – April 2018 – California, Florida, New York

Bringing together the best and brightest people in the staffing industry.


The United Brokers Insurance Agency, Inc.

January 2010 – Present – Sacramento, California Area

Full-Service commercial insurance agency. Specializing in Non-Profits, Medical Clinics, and Staffing Companies. Specializing in strategies for compliance with ACA for employers with more than 100 employees.

Owner and Co-Founder

Physicians United, LLC

2012 – 2015 – Sacramento, California Area

An industry leader in Telemedicine Solutions.


PI Confidential

February 2010 – 2015 – Rancho Cordova

Consumer driven private investigations.

Insurance Broker

NetPay Payroll

2009 – 2011

Worked with payroll clients to find insurance solutions for their small and mid sized companies.


Flash Seats

2004 – 2005

Funded and co-founded the company. We implemented a patented process for trading tickets on the secondary market for sport and entertainment.


Intercare Insurance Services

2002 – 2004

Ran a $40 million enterprise consisting of three businesses relating to workers compensation insurance. Managed Care, Claims administration, and Retail Brokerage.


DiManno Hansen Insurance Services

1992 – 2000 – Rancho Cordova, California

Commercial Insurance Brokerage for Employee Benefits, Workers Compensation, and Voluntary Benefits