Great News for the Employer and the Gig Worker

November 9, 2018

Always on the cutting edge in the employment market, Mike DiManno, CEO of Samuel Hale and TalentHire, understands the gig economy.  He gets how this changes the face of temporary staffing.  DiManno’s newly acquired company, TalentHire uses the latest developments in VMS software.  TalentHire also uses independent staffing professionals to match up job openings and available workers.

Companies are quickly  embracing the gig economy.  This gig workers cover their own health insurance, retirement fund, vacation time, and other benefits.  This represents a huge saving to businesses.  The gig economy also permits workers the freedom to choose their work assignments, hours worked, days on schedule, etc.  In today’s economy, workers value the freedom to work for companies that are convenient, offer a living wage, and offer flexible schedules.  There is also a shift in the concept of working at one job or for one company during one’s entire working career.  The gig economy no longer sees this as attractive for either the employer, the employee or the contract worker.

DiManno notes that the gig economy is great news for small businesses and startups when they tap into incredible talent available through the transparency of TalentHire’s robust search functions.  This staffing model is a win-win for both the job candidate and the staffing professional.  Also, a win-win for the companies listing their openings with TalentHire because they will be relieved of the requirement to carry Workers’ Compensation since TalentHire will be the employer-of-record.   TalentHire covers these workers, solving one of your most cumbersome business challenges.  Along the way, you’ll be able to tap into new digital processes allowing you to meet hiring demands with greater speed and better service delivery.

Look into TalentHire today.

Michael A. DiManno is a thought leader and entrepreneur with over 30 years experience of innovation and fast growth with startup companies in Technology, Insurance, and Employment, or as he calls it “TIE” Services. Mr DiManno founded EmployEnsure, LLC (EE) a holding company and incubator for developing “cool stuff” for clients not being served by traditional “TIE” industries. He currently serves as CEO of EE’s signature brands: Samuel Hale and TalentHire.

Michael is a writer and speaker for entrepreneurial groups as well as “TIE” industries. He also supports his wife Debbie’s non-profit, Cour Training, which helps teens survive and thrive in the modern era of constant connection. They have raised 4 children and live with their two Rhodesian Ridgebacks in Northern California.

For more information, contact Mike directly.