Like it or not, get ready to “share”

November 30, 2018

Get Ready To Share!There are a few reasons why you may want to think about changing with the times.   Like it or not there are tremendous forces at play here that are going to change the ways of our business world in the future, and hopefully one the changes is our workers comp system.

Firstly, the Millennial generation (born after 1988 I think) will have as big of an impact on reshaping our country as the baby boomers, or bigger.   If you have spent time with them in the workplace you know what I mean when I say they are different.   They don’t use voicemail, they don’t believe in hierarchies in the work place, they want choices, their parents will call their adult child’s supervisor if they didn’t get their raise, and they share.   That’s right they share in everything especially their opinions, which was required as part of their socialization just like going to the sock hops when you were in high school Tom!  In less than 5 years they will occupy over 50% of all jobs in the USA.  And if that isn’t enough to get your hip hugger panties in a bunch, wait till this juggernaut generation  hits the poles during election time in about 10 years.  Twitter will be the place you look to get the projection on who will be our next President.   Powerful and scary.  Its going to be just like a science fiction movie for you!

Secondly, Uber has enough money to fight the independent contractor issue until the driverless car license is approved in California.  There are a bunch of driverless cars on the road right now and my new Tesla that I ordered has all the technology in it as it comes off the assembly line.  The CEO of Uber, Travis Kalanick is rich, powerful and pretty dead set on not having employees.   This innovator has the pocketbook to back up his plan so I don’t see it changing anytime soon.  On top of all that,  the Governor in California believes that the good of ride sharing outweighs the risks of independent contractors.

Thirdly, the workers comp system in this country and certainly in the state of California stinks like a rancid tuna and mayonnaise sandwich.   It is old, tired, bloated and broken.  It is supposed to be a no fault system and yet it is full of lawyers which increase premiums without adding much to injured employees.  The system itself is mind boggling difficult to the average employer and employee.  While I make a good living helping people through this ugly maze, I am ready for a new solution that does a better job at delivering the intended goals of the workers comp system.

Lastly Tom, you of all people should love what Uber is doing.  It is the capitalist American dream.  All the greats disrupted us in some way as they rolled out their inventions its part of what makes them so big and impactful.

Tell the truth Tom, have you taken a ride in an Uber car or are you still taking smelly taxi rides in protest?

Michael DiManno

Michael A. DiManno is a thought leader and entrepreneur with over 30 years experience of innovation and fast growth with startup companies in Technology, Insurance, and Employment, or as he calls it “TIE” Services. Mr DiManno founded EmployEnsure, LLC (EE) a holding company and incubator for developing “cool stuff” for clients not being served by traditional “TIE” industries. He currently serves as CEO of EE’s signature brands: Samuel Hale and TalentHire.

Michael is a writer and speaker for entrepreneurial groups as well as “TIE” industries. He also supports his wife Debbie’s non-profit, Cour Training, which helps teens survive and thrive in the modern era of constant connection. They have raised 4 children and live with their two Rhodesian Ridgebacks in Northern California.

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