On-Demand Marketplace Makes Finding New Staff More Efficient

November 30, 2018

There was a time, not too long ago, when HR Departments were a cost-center. But with the shortage of workers, as well as constantly changing Fed and State compliance, HR has moved up to the C level.

The booming economy has created excessive demand for employees while supply has remained level or in some cases decreased in the light industrial and blue collar trades.  The Gig phenomena has also increased the activity of HR departments as employees in today’s environment changes jobs readily.  Recruiting and training new employees is now big business across the country.

Another dynamic that has muddied the employment waters is the wide array technology, job boards, and social media.  James Davis, editor of HR Thrive puts forth the idea that technology complicates the process. He says, “HR has always been a pretty tough job … and hasn’t gotten any simpler with the introduction of HR technology.”

While there have been rapid changes with the dynamics of how people are hired, it doesn’t mean it has to be more difficult.  TALENThire has created an “On-Demand Marketplace” (ODM) to solve this problem.   While the days of one agency or even a few agencies handling client demand are over, technologies like our ODM allow companies of all sizes to efficiently and collaboratively partner with unlimited staffing agencies, recruiters, social media, and other technologies in single platform.  “Adding or changing vendors doesn’t change how job orders are created, hours are transmitted or the way billing is handled in the system.  The consistency of business processes decreases the time and cost of training internal staff while still allowing for the most efficient results”, says Michael Veronisi who founded Talent Hire in 2004.

By having one system for sourcing, hours and invoicing for all suppliers TALENThire offers the added benefit of creating dashboards with lots of metrics and controls allowing HR departments to become strategic instead of transactional.

We realized that a one size fits all offering doesn’t make sense anymore.  Employers want the ability to choose best of breed when it comes to administration, recruiting, employment, and management.  One of the unique features we built into the ODM is a collaborative environment which allows Independent Staffing Professionals (ISP) to work on the platform in one capacity such as just a recruiter or as 3rd party manager.

While these kind of technologies were only available to the Fortune 1000 type companies, TALENThire’s ODM works with companies of all sizes.  ODM technology is delivered in a SAS format making it fast to onboard and limiting the requirement for internal resources.

Michael DiManno

Michael A. DiManno is a thought leader and entrepreneur with over 30 years experience of innovation and fast growth with startup companies in Technology, Insurance, and Employment, or as he calls it “TIE” Services. Mr DiManno founded EmployEnsure, LLC (EE) a holding company and incubator for developing “cool stuff” for clients not being served by traditional “TIE” industries. He currently serves as CEO of EE’s signature brands: Samuel Hale and TalentHire.

Michael is a writer and speaker for entrepreneurial groups as well as “TIE” industries. He also supports his wife Debbie’s non-profit, Cour Training, which helps teens survive and thrive in the modern era of constant connection. They have raised 4 children and live with their two Rhodesian Ridgebacks in Northern California.

For more information, contact Mike directly.